Channel Engagement

Program Strategy & Design

Firstly, we understand and analyse your sales goals. We help you in maximizing your business by working with you on program designs that clearly identify and target the right audiences for you. Using hard-earned insights about your audiences, we design incentive programs that engage and excite. Our best-fit solutions expertise is bound to please and surprise you. Research shows the right program design can increment your performance by 44%.

Program Management

Often the finest incentives and loyalty rewards are not enough for the success of promotional schemes. World-class program management is that which assures success.
Hand-holding you every step of the way, our dedicated and expert teams monitor program effectiveness and recommend enhancements. With continuous improvement as the goal, we conduct regular key stakeholder reviews and provide you with deep insights.
We focus on best-in-class Operations Management, while you focus on fostering valuable customer relations. When you choose annectos´ you choose best-in-class program management because we have secured a “98% effective” rating in a recent customer satisfaction survey.
Some of the annectos´ differentiators are:
  • Client focus
  • End to end program management
  • Transparency
  • Robust tech backbone & process automation

Our Operations Management modules include:
  • Phone support – business hours
  • Email support – business hours
  • Warehousing
  • Logistics & Stock Management
  • Rewards & Gifts Management
  • Promotional merchandise
  • Personalisation of letters
  • Registration kits (welcome pack,reward etc.)

Program Communication

Research shows communicating with dealers frequently boosts sales.
The key to promo scheme success is communicating benefits well to dealers to keep participants' attention, increase mind share such that they remain focused on better performance.
Annectoś team can create custom-designed online/offline communication tools for faster, better, cheaper messaging; to the right people; at the right time; in the right manner….
We make sure your messages are understood and acted upon.
By 'keeping in touch' with channel partners via multi-platform message delivery gives your promotions the much-needed push because dealers feel that they have better chance to earn rewards.

Loyalty Technologies

annectos´ Technology-As-A-Service (TAAS) is a specialty offering which includes:
  • New deployment
  • Customization
  • Systems Integration
TAAS, together with our in-depth marketing know-how is a potent -end-to-end package offered and managed by us from project development to application hosting; from in-depth database design to analysis.
The Annectoś Loyalty Engine incorporates complex points and tier management rules and is fully integrated with our rewards & redemption solutions.
Redemption can be made over web/mobile applications or call centre over the TASS platform. TAAS provides you with an efficient and secure platform for:
  • Sales point accrual
  • Reward catalogue functions
  • Simplifying gift & voucher processing
  • Social networking
TAAS maintains comprehensive histories of transactions and program interactions with program members.
We furnish regular performance reports of loyalty programs and CRM initiatives to help you maintain customer focus.
We establish KPIs and gather feedback from various channel touch-points. We consolidate this into reports indicating trends that might require course corrections during scheme implementation.

Performance Management & Benchmarking

The fact is, that whatever’s measured, gets done! An incentive-driven program is among the most forms of measuring marketing/sales expenditure.
While designing your program, we ask these critical questions:
  • What are your program metrics?
  • Does your program present a viable value proposition for all stakeholders (including customers and members)?
  • Is your cost accounting true and consolidated?
  • Is there a defined performance reporting process?
  • Can you measure the program-generated incremental return?
By analysing and benchmarking against predetermined success measurements, or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), we will help you achieve desired outcomes by assisting decision making.
Typically, KPIs are monitored and shared through dashboards and Balanced Scorecards to ensure all stakeholders are on the same page regarding the progress of the program. KPIs enable learning and improvement of critical processes and capabilities across business areas.
In the design stage, we define key variables affecting the profitability of any marketing initiative or loyalty program. Using our extensive financial and operational modelling expertise, we use these indicators to budget, plan, track and measure program success.
We also turn the derivative insights into constructive feedback that improves your performance and drives ROI.

Rewards & Fulfillment

Loyalty rewards must be meaningful to inspire and create lasting goodwill for your company.
Today companies deal with at least five different generations of people from diverse cultural backgrounds. Naturally reward preferences differ and variety in catalogues is a must.
While some cherish traditional rewards with timeless elegance, there are others who want the latest handbag, perfume or cookware set…and few others who prefer eco-friendly gifts.
Some want to donate their rewards to the less fortunate. We also have reward-earners who want to rub shoulders with celebrities or have them over for tea for a photo opportunity!!
A point-based program that provides purposeful choice is the best way to reward people in meaningful ways.
And it’s not just about inventorying a great looking gift gallery, it’s how people save or spend those points which is important. This is where annectos´ experience comes in handy.
We have professional procurement team researching and analysing the spend. They know what gift is hot and what’s not; how much it costs, what it’s features are etc.
Annectoś gift gallery offers only the best at various price points and feature sets. With us, scheme achievers can choose without confusion. We make the rewarding process delightful.
A special performance always deserves a special reward. Thanks to our strong relationships with most global and Indian brands, rewards usually arrive on time in good shape; the process is well streamlined.
We deliver! ‐ rewards and happiness too!