Channel Sales Solution

Know Your Channel (KYC)

Given the vastness of the Indian sub-continent and its cultural complexities, a vigorous distribution network is a must. Brands need to seamlessly connect to Channel partners to maximize ROI. annectos´ Know Your Channel TM (KYC) initiative is thus fundamental and inescapable for any brand that aspires efficiency and/or expansion.
From footwear to car audio, electrical equipment to apparel…. annectos´ KYC has been a godsend for companies that use channels to sell because we shoulder the task of keeping your channel sales network glued together and clued-in to latest promotions.
Resources Optimization and ROI maximization are essential to trade marketing. Streamlining your sales channels begins by understanding which 20% percent of your business yields 80% of your value.
annectos´ Know Your Channel TM enables right investment, at the right time, in the right manner, with custom-built channel brand engagement tools that crunch vital data like:

  • Different types & total number of channel partners
  • Partner Revenues & value distribution among them
  • Partner reach and his value potential
  • Partner Loyalty, exclusivity, mindshare, his trust/dependency on your brand
  • Partner ROI - investment made in him versus revenue generated by him.
Gaining these insights, Channel Sales leaders can then maximize channel effectiveness, minimize costs freeze on a profitable channel mix and successfully implement GTM strategies.

Width of Distribution

A powerful distribution strategy coupled with efficient execution is at the heart of a product company’s channel sales growth and can dramatically boost the top line while a poorly performing channel can belie all ambitious forecasts.
Given the diversity and geographical expanse of Indian markets, maintaining an updated distribution database is a challenge and constantly monitoring the channel’s health, a bigger one. But such vigilance is key to execution and/or expansion.
annectos´ offerings designed to tackle with this very bothersome aspect of trade marketing become vital to all brand promoters; Be they ambitious, or worried sick about non-performing channels.
We help clients to enhance and constantly update their distribution database by identifying and enrolling new retail outlets. How? Well…
Our well-trained Feet-on-Street (FoS) teams ensure:

  • Market coverage across geographies
  • Selecting & enrolling the right target outlets
  • Develop & Deploy a seamless technology solution for accurate data reporting
  • Market Feedback & Insights reported back to you
  • Brand visibility at the outlet level & retail penetration.

Missed Oppurtunity

Product companies dependent on trade marketing need to know and reach out to retail markets effectively as new opportunities crop up. The Indian retailer landscape changes rapidly with every new product, obsolete one and changes in brand ownership.
It is critical for brand promoters to focus, improve and grow these markets sooner and better than the competition does; when opportunities do appear.
Brand loyalty is the beating heart of channel sales marketing.
To earn and keep brand loyalty is central to channel sales growth. No product can succeed without a retailer recommending it to consumers consistently.
annectos´ solution addresses this very challenge of converting missed opportunities (outlets missed out in salespeople’s beats) into active points-of-sales by validating & updating beat routes plans given to your salespeople.
With our Feet-on-Street (FoS) network we ensure all route plans & daily beats are validated. During FoS:
  • New outlets are added to routes
  • Existing routes are segmented based on retailer profile
  • Beat Plans are updated with accurate field data
  • Our customer cell (telesales team) tracks and converts missed outlets into sales orders