Channel Sales Solution

Know Your Channel (KYC)

In India – given the geographical expanse, and its complexities, a robust distribution, with a wide and well connected channel partner network is a must.
Our Know Your Channel TM initiative, is fundamental and inescapable to every company that uses a distribution channel to sell its products.
Our Know Your Channel TM Initiative helps you build your Channel engagement tools and enables you to better understand your partners :
  • Total number of partners
  • Types of channel partners
  • Current partner revenue
  • Partner Revenue/ Value Distribution – understanding where 80% of the value comes from to enable efforts & investments in the right places
  • Partner Capabilities : Their reach, the value they can create.
  • Partner Loyalty : Partner exclusivity, mindshare, dependency on company revenue, their confidence in the company & its contribution to his business
  • Partner ROI – investment in him versus revenue generated.
These deeper insights help Channel Sales leaders, optimise their channel effectiveness, minimize costs and unnecessary actions. It also provides the insights to arrive at the required channel mix to maximise profitability and GTM strategies.

Width of Distribution

Distribution strategy is perhaps the most important weapon. A great distribution strategy and execution can dramatically boost the top line. And of course a poorly performing channel can do the exact opposite. Given the diversity and the geographical expanse of the country, keeping track of and maintaining a robust distribution base is a challenge faced by most product companies. Checking the health of the distribution channel & constantly updating the same, is a key requirement today. We help our clients with this. We help them increase and update their distribution base by identifying and enrolling new retail outlets. How do we do it : Our well trained FOS (Feet on street) teams ensure :
  • Market coverage across geographies
  • Selecting and enrolling the right target outlets.
  • Use a robust technology solution to ensure a seamless data reporting
  • Feedback & insights from the market reported back to the company.
  • Brand visibility at the outlet level & retail penetration.

Missed Oppurtunity

Given the geographical diversity of India –one of key challenges companies face today is knowing & reaching out retailers effectively. It’s critical for companies to focus, improve their distribution and expand their reach. Brand loyalty and retailers recommendations drive consumer purchase decisions. The retailer landscape in India also changes rapidly- with additions, deletions and changes in ownership.
Our Objective:
  • To convert opportunity lost (missed outlets in beats) into active sales.
  • Validated & Updated Beat / Routes plans of sales person

Annectos Solution:
  • Through our FOS network –ensure all route plans & beats are validated
  • New outlets get added into routes, routes segmented basis of retailer profile.
  • Beat Plans updated with the correct on ground data
  • A customer cell (telesales team) to track and convert missed outlets into a sales order