Lead Accelerator Solutions

We deliver Sales Leads through our Lead Accelerator Engine Program. The chances of securing a sale is much higher if your sales staff is arranged to meet with a potential customer who already understands the value of your service or product and has expressed interest in learning more.
The key features of our Lead Accelerator Engine are:

Target Audience Identification:

Due to its pan-India presence and a track record of highly satisfied clients annectos’ is the lead generator of choice for prominent Indian business houses & MNCs. Working on the cardinal principles of repeatability and reproducibility, we connect you directly with retailers. We offer you unmatched speed, flexibility, quality and cost. Our Lead Accelerator Engine will save your salesforce time & tasks by filling your calendars with pre-qualified appointments and expanding your pipeline.

Lead Management System:

Once leads are generated, we set up meetings with probable customers and forward the details to your sales managers. After meetings, we record and communicated market feedback. We monitor the database of all meetings by creating close-loop Lead Management Program. We specialize in creating inbound toll-free help desks, replete with the latest tech support for recording and call drop tracking.

Centralized Interaction Engine:

Thanks to our expertise in lead generation technology solutions, annectos’ centralized communication system simplifies the launch and successful implementation of schemes.

Single Window:

Telesales is increasingly gaining popularity among big players as an effective tool for increasing both market coverage & penetration. At annectos, we offer telesales model-based lead generation. We hire talent, set up operations /reporting and turn our team into a virtual extension of your sales organisation, a single window for all queries, promotions, order booking etc.