Retail Sales Solution

Mobile B2B

Mobile Order Management & Marketing App: Smartphones have become part and parcel of personal and professional lives. More importantly your customers multitask and have lack of time. When they usually want to place order, they use their phone extensively. Annectos Mobile based ordering workflow is designed in a way such that all phone orders can be entered and mapped to the customers who have placed the phone order. In short you can find all orders in one place including the phone orders

Shop in Bulk

Annectos Shopinbulk solution helps the companies especially from apparel industry helps the companies to centralize the enquiries of small numbers (between 10-100 units), which are slipped from the retailer counters.

    Annectos´ Solutions:
  • Centralized for inventory through an user friendly ecommerce engine
  • Interaction engine- SMS/Emails/Online queries call
  • Queries centrally tracked and addressed as per the pre-defined guidelines
  • Online tracking accounts to mark the performance leading up to incentives & rewards.

Customized E-commerce Portal
Traditional order placement process is time consuming and inconvenient – You need to maintain a stalk of documents, do multiple manual check and cross references. Annectos solution empowers you with customized workflows, which are exclusively built for B2B business. One of the order placement workflows can be of a classical ecommerce shopping experience (search, explore, add to cart and place the order). To speed up the bulk ordering for familiar products, workflows for bulk ordering is designed keeping in mind of the traditional paper based ordering process. In our digital commerce solution, customers can simply fill a pre-filled electronic form with the just the quantity they are looking for. You can also manage and control back ordering feature, which will help your customers to place orders for items not in stock or for new release items. Moreover the end- to-end process of purchase order and invoice generation etc. is automated for your customer’s convenience.