Retail Sales Solution

Mobile B2B

In today’s hustle and hurry world, if your offering is not mobile-enabled it is worthless to customers. Which is why we have designed, developed and deployed a Mobile Order Management & Marketing App.
Because smartphone penetration in India is high and users are connected on mobile 24/7, the best way to reach out to them is perhaps, through mobile. Forget not, Indians multi-task on their mobiles even while driving!!
To ensure that all orders including phone orders in the same place and none is missed out, annectos´ mobile order app workflow is designed such that each phone order is entered and mapped to that customer who has placed the phone order.

Shop in Bulk

annectos´ Shopinbulk solution helps companies to centralize small enquiries (between 10-100 units) shipped from retail counters. Annectos´ offers this centralized inventory via a user-friendly e-commerce platform which enables interaction (order booking) over SMS, Email and Online calls also.
You no longer need to maintain records and manually cross refer each entry for accuracy. Shopinbulk empowers you with customized workflow built exclusively for B2B transactions.
Shopinbulk centrally tracks queries and addresses them as per predefined guidelines.
Online account tracking simplifies computing real-time sales data and scheme results are announced sooner.
Bid goodbye to the cumbersome way of placing reward orders using Shopinbulk—the annectos´ customized e-commerce portal built for promotional schemes fulfilment. This seamlessly integrated gallery portal overflowing with hundreds of gift options, is a surprise waiting in store for your target-achieving channel partners.
It makes your shopping experience richer besides making the classical e-commerce way of order placement easier (search, explore, add-to-cart & place order). For expediting bulk orders of familiar products, Shopinbulk includes pre-filled electronic forms with you just having to fill-in the quantity you require.
With our app, you can pre-book new releases or out-of-stock items too.
Further, the entire purchase order process and invoice generation is automated for your customer’s convenience.