Channel Engagement

Influencer Engagement

In the last few years, influencer engagement has emerged as an imperative to sales strategy. Be it an electrician, mechanic, mason, plumber or architect--all tend to have more sway than the retailer/distributor. They influence a customer buy-in. annectoś understands that the needs, aspirations and drivers of these influencers may not be the same as the channel partner. This is why they need to be treated uniquely. Already reaching out to over 2,00,000 influencers through our current programs, annectoś brings to the table a niche experience for complete end-to-end influencer engagement solutions.

Channel Network Expansion

Given the diversity & geographical expanse of Indian markets, maintaining an updated distribution database is a challenge. annectoś offering is designed to tackle this very bothersome aspect of trade marketing. Our feet-on-street teams and online solutions ensure:

  • Selecting & enrolling right target outlets
  • Brand visibility at outlet level
  • Validating & mapping existing & potential outlets.

Channel Fitness and Audits

While execution is key to program success; equally important is evaluation & feedback. It is critical for a brand to understand what went right and what didn’t-- what works and what needs to change. Our teams methodically and periodically audit, identify problems before they arise. We join your in-house team during an ongoing program to isolate problem areas and suggest mid-course corrections. We brainstorm with them before starting a program and equip them to handle lacunae.

Sales Visibility

The key to every business process is information. While it’s easy to track primary sales, things go out of control when we reach secondary & tertiary sales in the partner network. Hence it’s crucial to track sales at these levels to get seamless visibility across channel, measure real-time sales data and keep track of targets and achievements and take the right decisions at the appropriate time. We offer traditional solutions to track sales at a secondary and tertiary level, our forte lies in solutions that can track sales and simultaneously engage, motivate and garner mindshare and loyalty.

Retail Activation & Sampling

Whether it is trade scheme activation, new product sampling or just visual merchandising, annectoś can provide complete ground support and blanket coverage execution at a retail outlet level, pan-India. As an extended arm to your sales and trade teams, annectoś ground support offers end-to-end BTL activation and sampling